Restoration of Driver’s Suspended NJ License in New Jersey

To drive lawfully in New Jersey, you should have valid car insurance and an NJ license. Serious penalties will encounter you if you are caught red-handed while driving without any coverage. Moreover, the Department of Motor Vehicles could easily take that privilege of license away from you if any violations have been observed.

Therefore, it would be a complete hassle to restore NJ license and because of that, you have to pay heavy fines. Not having a driving license will surely make a negative impression on our daily lives. is the best platform that provides the users with a facility of paying the fine bills or for traffic tickets online easily.

How to restore your NJ license in New Jersey?

NJ license

After successful completion of the suspension period and shell-out all the fines, you may recuperate your license. To restore your license, you have to pay a $100 restoration charge. You can easily submit this amount in one of three ways:

Payment Method Details
Online Click here to submit payment
At your local Motor vehicle agency MVC near you



By mailing a check or money order

With the Bottom Portion

New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission

P.O Box 140

Trenton, NJ 08650-0140

Without the Bottom Portion

New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission

P.O Box 134

Trenton, NJ 08650-0134

License suspended for Driving without insurance:

In order to drive legitimately, the drivers of NJ should have either a basic or standard insurance coverage. If you are not able to show your vehicle’s insurance proof after demanded by the traffic office, you will have to pay heavy consequences.

Those people who are caught driving without any car’s insurance, their licenses get suspended for a minimum of 1 year.

Heavy penalties for driving without insurance in NJ:

  • Suspension of driving license for one year.
  • You will have to pay a $100 fee in order to retrieve your seized vehicle.
  • You will be charged in between $300-$1000.
  • On top of that, you will have to pay a $250 surcharge fee for the consecutive three years.
  • Taking into consideration the acuteness of the incident, you might have to join community service.

Other leading reasons for the suspension of Driving License:

Driving without insurance is not only a leading cause of the suspension of your driving license. These are also major reasons to get the suspension:

  • More than 12 points on the driving license.
  • Unrestrained driving.
  • Overpassing any car on highways.
  • Plunge into a deadly moto vehicle collision.
  • DUI, whether drugs or alcohol.
  • Failing to turn up in court to pay fines.

What are the amounts of fines for driving with a suspended license?

If you get caught whilst driving with a suspended license, prepare yourself for paying a hefty cost! According to the N.J.S.A. 39:3-40 section, you will be charged with “driving while suspended”. Under this section, you will have to pay a massive fine of $500, $750 in DMV surcharges, and another next six months of suspension. All these rules should be imposed on first-time perpetrators.

If you are caught again for the second time while driving with a suspended license, this time be ready to pay more! Here, the penalties would be $750 abreast of $750 DMV charge, again the next six months of suspension, and up to five years of jail.

nj license

What will happen after your driving license restoration?

You have completed your suspension period and you have applied for restoring your license. After that, you may be subjected to a compulsory one-year probation period. If you again commit another contravention, you will encounter these following suspension policies:

Violation Suspension
For the First infringement within a year
Within 6 months of restoration 90 days
Within 7-9 months 60 days
Within 10-12 months 45 days
For the second time or subsequent infringement
Within 6 months of restoration 180 days
Within 7-9 months 120 days
Within 10-12 months 90 days
For the third infringement
Within three years Up to three years

The drivers sometimes are unacquainted with why their driving license gets suspended. The NJ Driver’s License Lawyers take the following steps to reinstate the license of their clients:

  • If any unsatisfied payments are reported, they contact the courts.
  • They fix up all open matters. Sometimes a certain resolution would be payments. Other times, there maybe exist some unresolved charges.
  • They appear with you in court to secure the unresolved fees. If you are not the inhabitants of New Jersey anymore, they can sometimes arrange so that you do not have to visit in-person.
  • Fix up with NJ MVC for payment of your reinstatement fee, and return of your driving licenses.


Suspension of driving license in NJ means to keep yourself ready to pay huge penalties. Here we have elaborated on the various aspects of NJ restoration charges and procedure. We hope this article provides various insights into the restoration of NJ. If you have any queries regarding this, then kindly let us know!

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