NJMCDirect Plead Not Guilty for Traffic Violations and Parking Tickets

New Jersey Municipal Court may convict you for violating traffic rules and charge a significant amount. If you have been accused of no reason and want to combat for the same in NJ court, this guide will immensely help you by providing you complete details. Many people have been going through these difficulties every day and you should Plead Not Guilty at NJMCDirect and fight legitimately to save yourself from hassle-free fines.

Therefore, if you have received a parking or traffic ticket in NJ, you may choose to either pay online at the NJMCDirect portal or Plead Not Guilty for the contravention. NJMCDirect Traffic Tickets is providing you with the desired method of paying the fines such as credit card, debit card, or internet banking.

NJMCDirect Plead Not Guilty – Complete details:

Fighting for your traffic ticket in the NJ court will ascertain whether you are guilty of the traffic rule contravention or not. Such decisions could be against you or for you depending upon the innumerable factors. You may feel delighted if the NJ court’s decision is on your behalf. Otherwise, you will be left with no other option of paying fines.

plead not guilty

Probable reasons could be:

  • You have sold your car to someone and they are doing this crime on behalf of you. Therefore, make sure to check with the car’s registration if the license plate number is showing your name or not.
  • Well, in minor cases, any friends or family members may have indulged themselves in this scenario.
  • Check your car’s insurance policy. As driving a car without an illicit insurance policy will not be entertained at all! Well, we may sometime forget to check the expiration date of an insurance policy of our vehicle.

But a system never forgets such significant details and therefore if you are driving with expired insurance, you are eligible to get traffic fine.

  • If your driving license gets expired make sure to renew the NJ license. Driving with an expired driving license also impose hefty fines.
  • You might not recollect what happened actually.

[Tip: If traffic police have already provided you with some points on your driving record, then make sure to save cancellation of your DL, you can plead not guilty at NJ courts to avoid further points.]

Filing to pay fines for NJ traffic contravention even after you plead guilty, you will encounter cumbersome consequences. If you have decided to combat against your parking ticket, then go through the steps below:

  • Make sure to go through your traffic ticket very carefully and understand the reason behind getting the ticket.
  • Never try to run away from visiting the court before the actual due date. Otherwise, you have to face innumerable problems levied by the NJ court.
  • You might call the clerk of NJ court if any doubt persists regarding your traffic ticket. But always make sure to reach court only in working hours.
  • Make sure to talk to your solicitor if any negotiation can be made to curtail the amount. Moreover, you can speak to them to try and work out a plea agreement.
  • Such a plea agreement shows that you plead guilty to your traffic or parking charges in lieu of minimum penalties.
  • Hiring an experienced attorney is a superior idea if you are not sure how to fight to plead not guilty at the NJ court.
  • The NJ court will appoint you a public defender if:
  • Your traffic or parking violation may result in jail time.
  • You are unable to hire an attorney.
  • You will have to provide all the shreds of evidence in front of the judge. Then they will decide if you are actually guilty or not.

What will happen if you lose the Plead Not Guilty case?

If the NJ court finds you guilty even after your assessment process, be ready to encounter any of the following results:

  • Fines:

NJ court will compel you to shell out all the fines on the day of trial. If you convince the prosecutor about your incapability of paying the entire fine amount on that trial day, the judge may allow you to pay via installment over a definite period of time.

  • You may go through the official website of njmcdirect.com to pay fines related to parking and traffic tickets.
  • Jail Time:

Your incapability of paying fines may lead to confinement.

  • Suspension of Driving License:

The prosecuting attorney may suspend your driving license if they find it as a correct method to punish you.

  • They might compel you to enroll yourself in the NJ Intoxicated Driving Program.
  • The judiciary may instruct you to choose some Community Service Program.


NJ Plead Not Guilty is only applicable for traffic and parking cases only. The application of such cases leads you to fight for your ticket in court in case you feel you are not guilty of the charge. If you want to apply to plead not guilty for a parking ticket in NJ, make sure to contact the court. Therefore keep things clear to them that you are pleading ‘not guilty’.


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